TOXlearning e-learning resource

The National Poisons Information Service provides a clinical toxicology e-learning resource designed to improve knowledge of the clinical management of poisoned patients. The resource is designed for doctors, nurses and pharmacists in UK hospitals and general practice, as well as ambulance personnel, NHS 111 / NHS 24 / NHS Direct staff, and UK medical, nursing and paramedic students.
Modules include:
For new and existing TOXBASE users wishing to learn how to use the database more effectively.
Clinical management of the poisoned patient
For users wishing to learn about general aspects of poisoning, problematic poisons, common poisons and drugs of misuse.
Users can work through courses at their own pace, save their work, obtain their scores and print off their results for continuing professional development files.
The TOXlearning resource is available independently of TOXBASE.
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Access is free.