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Feedback from TOXBASE users




Feedback from TOXBASE users

2017-18 has been a successful year for TOXBASE - we have achieved outstanding user feedback.

Formal quality assurance is obtained from TOXBASE users using an online questionnaire - users will be familiar with the forms that pop up. We received a total of 960 returns during the 2017/18 reporting year.

Users are asked to grade a series of statements on a Likert scale of one to six where one = disagree completely, and six = agree completely. Satisfaction scores - the proportion of respondents who agreed completely (6) or a lot (5) with the following statements - were high:

  • "I had confidence in the information for my query" 94.3%
  • "Finding the information I required was easy" 92.8%
  • "Logging on to the database was easy" 91.4%

Users were also asked to rate their overall satisfaction with TOXBASE and 92.2% rated their satisfaction as good (5) or excellent (6).

As well as completing the quality assurance pop-up forms, users can also provide TOXBASE with feedback in several other ways - by completing questionnaires that are linked to products of interest, responding to follow-up requests on cases of interest, or by spontaneously contacting us by email via mail@toxbase.org, letter or telephone.

User feedback is a crucial component in the review process of TOXBASE entries and we thank everyone who takes the time to provide it.