About the NPIS - TOXBASE

Updated 5/2018

TOXBASE: The clinical toxicology database of the National Poisons Information Service


Since 1998 it has been Department of Health policy that the first point of contact for poisons information for health professionals in the UK should be TOXBASE.

TOXBASE is the clinical toxicology database of the UK National Poisons Information Service, providing advice on the features and management of poisoning for around 17,000 products and substances - a leaflet about TOXBASE can be found here.

TOXBASE online is available free of charge to registered NHS and affiliated users - accounts are issued per unit or department on completion of a TOXBASE registration form.

TOXBASE online is also available to departments and organisations outside the NHS, by paid subscription - further details about subscribing to TOXBASE are available here.

The TOXBASE app (for iOS and Android) is free to individual users who register using their NHS/PHE/MOD email address. The app costs £6.99/year for all other individuals - further details about the TOXBASE app are available here.

By using TOXBASE, health care professionals can obtain key clinical information rapidly, including advice on potentially hazardous doses and appropriate management.

A printable factsheet is available as a permanent record of the advice provided. As TOXBASE content is updated on a daily basis this factsheet is only valid on the day of printing. TOXBASE content is intended to guide the clinical management of poisoned patients and should not be provided as information to patients.

TOXBASE can be accessed from any computing device using a frames-enabled, JAVA-compliant browser (such as Internet Explorer 7 or above, Chrome, Firefox or Opera).

Comments on the content and advice provided in TOXBASE are always welcome. Each entry is written by the NPIS, approved by all NPIS Directors and regularly reviewed. Registered users who wish to discuss how to improve their use of the database are encouraged to contact the NPIS as advice on training can be provided - mail@toxbase.org

The NPIS 24-hour telephone helpline (in the UK 0344 892 0111 and Ireland NPIC (01) 809 2566) is always available for discussion of more complex cases. When appropriate, senior medical staff can discuss their cases directly with an NPIS consultant clinical toxicologist.

Click here for the Terms and Conditions for TOXBASE users.