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UK NPIS 0344 892 0111
Ireland NPIC (01) 809 2566

The information on TOXBASE® requires expert clinical interpretation (ideally users should complete the TOXBASE® E-Learning modules; click here) and, therefore, should only be used by clinically trained medical/nursing professionals, who are responsible for the correct interpretation of the relevant clinical case history.  In severe or complex cases, including multiple ingestions, we recommend that you discuss your case with your poisons service: in the UK NPIS 0844 892 0111, in Ireland NPIC (01) 809 2566.

TOXBASE® entries should not be used as patient information sheets.

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All material on TOXBASE® is subject to Crown copyright protection unless otherwise stated. Material should only be used to assist in the clinical management of poisoned patients and may be printed using the "Printable version" button, however we strongly advise that printouts should NOT be kept for any length of time, or for “future reference” as they can rapidly become out of date. For any other use of material you must apply for permission to NPIS Edinburgh, RIE, EH16 4SA or via