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Can I change my unit's password?

Who can use my unit's TOXBASE username and password?

I am moving to a new workplace, can I use my old unit's TOXBASE account?

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You may have encountered a transitory problem, so please try logging on again in a few moments.

Please check that you are entering your unit’s password correctly, keeping in mind it is case sensitive, and that you are using the correct URL -

You can also try logging into the backup URL at 

Please note usernames for TOXBASE online DO NOT provide access to either the TOXBASE app (individual subscription available via the iOS or Android Play stores) or the TOXlearning e-learning resource ( - individual registration is free, access is immediate).

If you need help with logging in to TOXBASE, you can contact TOXBASE admin on 0131 242 1360/1383 (9 am to 5 pm, weekdays) or email us on

Please note: TOXBASE admin cannot assist with poisons information.

Can I change my unit's password?

TOXBASE online usernames and passwords are issued per unit or practice, so all staff members within that unit will be using the same password. For this reason we do not allow individual users to change passwords. If your department or unit wishes to change the username and password the Account Holder can request this via

Who can use my unit’s TOXBASE username and password?

Your unit or practice’s username and password should be kept confidential within your unit, but can be used by all clinical staff within your unit.


As the advice TOXBASE provides requires medical interpretation the database should only be accessed by healthcare professionals.

I am moving to a new workplace, can I use my old unit's TOXBASE account?


TOXBASE online usernames and passwords are issued per NHS unit or practice, so when you move to a new workplace within the NHS you should use the username and password issued to your new workplace. If they do not have a username please submit an online registration form from our log-in page to register your new workplace. If you provide an NHS or other official e-mail address you should receive your new registration details by e-mail within 1-2 working days. If your new department turns out to be already registered we will advise you of their username.